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Jeff Herge, has been composing New Age music for performances since 1988. In 2008, Jeff won the Piano Heaven Gold Award. In 1995, Jeff was nominated as the Washington Area's Best New Age artist by the Washington Area Music Association and members.  Music critic Mike Joyce of the Washington Post wrote that "Herge's self-titled release is a stricly piano affair...his own spacious themes often bring to mind the romantic musings of George Winston and Liz Story."

Early on, Jeff was commissioned on a project to use his music behind an imagery tape by Dr. Patricia Webbink for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for a White House presentation.  Other projects Jeff performed was a performance on the cable show "Masters in the Hall" a program on the Fairfax Access Cable Channels. Performances of his compositions are featured on radio programs both nationally and internationally. Examples of radio stations and programs playing his work are on a program titled "Breezes", a Worldwide Syndicated New Age Radio Network, "Music Choice", a National Syndicated Daily 24 Hour New Age Cable Channel; "Environmental Directions", an award-winning international radio series airing in over 25 million homes on commercial, NPR, APR, American Indian stations in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Sri Lanka.

Jeff's music was commissioned for a TV commercial due to air on MTV, A&E, BET, Discovery Channel, and Lifetime. Jeff also performed at an AIDS benefit, various piano recitals, and awards banquets. Jeff has also performed as a showcase artist at the Route One South Music Conference in Richmond, Virginia. New Leaf, a prominent international new age music distributor, just picked up Herge's debut self titled album. P.J. Birosik from the New Age Retailer said "When one thinks of this type of music, such established names as Narada artists David Lanz and Michael Jones pop up instantly. Wonder no more, for...Herge's debut bodes well for the talent of both himself and his peers." The Baltimore Resources said "Reminiscent of George Winston. Herge    succeeds in striking chords, both on the piano and in the listener's heart." Pat Nugent with New Age Voice once said "With this performance, one can tell that Herge has a promising future." Music Monthly said "Find your way to this release. It's inspiring...." In addition, the acclaimed Peter Kater once said that Jeff's music is "very, very nice". Herge's currently in production for a music video for his song "Jeffrey's Theme" and for his debut single for his next album; release date unknown. A native of Alexandria, Virginia, composer was self-taught.

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