Pictures of Emileigh
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Graduating Preschool
May 2002

Blowing Bubble Gum Bubbles
"Emileigh Style"

Emi eating Honeysuckle
May 2002

"Before surgery,
just kicking back watching TV"

"Walking off to surgery"

"Emi recovering from Heart Surgery"

"Blue recovering from Heart Surgery too"

"Walking to the play room,
night after heart surgery"

"In the hospital play room with a new friend"

"Halloween 2001"

"Carving Pumpkins for Halloween 2001"

"Emileigh the good witch of the East"

"Just monkeying around with a new friend"

"I'm dizzy just looking at this picture."

"Merry Christmas" 

Emileigh with her cousins Taylor and Melissa. 

"I love my Barney" 

Me and my Minka, again. 

Grin and bare it, Baby! :) 

Emileigh and her Daddy.

Wearing Trixies basket as a turtle's back.

Teasing Trixie, saying
"You're not getting in your basket.  Ha, Ha!!  :)"
No really, she was just waving.

Pumpkin shopping Oct. 1999

She just loves her sunglasses. (Age 2 1/2)

I'm just teething with you.

2nd Christmas, Trying

on sunglasses her Great

Aunt Kay gave her

2nd Birthday, with Minka

Emileigh, with her Grandpa and Uncle John.