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"Herge's self-titled release is a strictly piano affair�his own spacious themes often bring to mind the romantic musings of George Winston and Liz Story."
-Mike Joyce, Washington Post

"When one thinks of this type of music, such established names as Narada artists David Lanz and Michael Jones pop up instantly. Wonder no more, for twenty-five year old Herge's debut bodes well for the talent of both himself and his peers. This adventurous eclectic collection showcases a surprisingly mature performance style and an emotional depth that one could reasonably expect from an artist twice his age. Well shaped memorable melodies are delivered with utter conviction and not a little bit of flair."

-P.J. Birosik, New Age Retailer

"Herge has certainly made an impression on this listener. This...CD maintains a consistently high standard throughout and is refreshing in its originality and vitality"

-Stephen Cairns, Piano Heaven (http://www.pianoheaven.co.uk)


"Each piece is replete with imagination and emotion. Touching arrangement of melodies sure to please any solo piano fan. With this performance, one can tell that Herge has a promising future."

-Pat Nugent, New Age Voice
"Reminiscent of George Winston. Herge succeeds in striking chords, both on the piano and in the listener's heart."
-Stacy Meyn, Baltimore Resources
"Herge's...music is intimate, relaxing and artistic. The smooth transitions between selections make the CD like a long musical massage. It sticks to the mind like an emotional memory that never fades."
-Meghan I'anson, Alexandria Mt. Vernon Gazette
"It is really brilliant"
-DJ Ottic, Alphabeat Radio Show, Bonn, Germany
"These...compositions are stately, sometimes solemn, sometimes reflective, sometimes buoyant explorations of motifs and tonality. The playing reflects a maturity and a willingness to let the melodic lines shine for themselves."
-Don St.Clair, Heartsong Review
"As beautiful as Rachmaninoff's short Opus Preludes, these deep, emotional, romantic, thoughtfully played piano pieces offer the listener a safe haven after a trying day. Highly recommended."
-The Music Paper
"Find your way to this release. It's inspiring..."
-Music Monthly
"His...melodies hook the mind, with themes that replay over and over after the tape is finished. Musical metaphors that rely on notes instead of words for their poetry."
-Daphne Hutchinson, Pacesetter
"The pieces are for the most part slow and oft romantic, with the occasional trace of sheer unadulterated melody here and there. A nostalgic and sometimes sad timbre. Giving the whole album the range of emotion so often lacking these days. It certainly is imaginative."
-Jim Cornall, Sound Mind Instrumental Music Magazine
 "Delightful and relaxing."
-Eric Smith, Free Thought Conceptions


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